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We are leaders recruiting leaders. We come from many of the industries we serve and have built our careers and professional networks in these specific business areas, giving our clients expertise and networks that only insiders have. We bring an authentic understanding of company criteria and industry intelligence contributing to our expedited executive search process and results.

Industries We Serve

Life Sciences & Healthcare

We deliver leadership for a healthier tomorrow.

Diagnostics & Genomics

Digital Health


Medical Technology

Medical Device

Animal Healthcare

Life Sciences & Healthcare


We deliver customer obsessed leadership for new consumer paradigms.

Consumer Products


Health & Wellness



Direct to Consumer



We deliver innovators and accelerators leading technology transformation.



Hardware & Systems

Data Analytics

Digital (AI, ML)



We deliver agile and resilient leaders for the new Industrial Revolution.


Defense & Aerospace



Private Equity & Venture Capital

We play a role in driving economic growth—delivering strategic, disruptive and results driven leaders.

Portfolio Companies

Private Equity & Venture Capital
Life Sciences & Healthcare
Private Equity & Venture Capital

Of all the partners with whom I have worked, within and outside of executive search, Carrie and cStone & Associates has proven to be the most thorough, prepared and diligent.

Alex Baxter

BCG Digital Ventures

Functional Expertise

We bring deep experience and relevant market intelligence to our functional areas of expertise.

Board of Directors

Chief Operating Officers

Human Resources Executives

Chief Executive Officers

Marketing, Sales & Strategy Executives

Technology/Information Executives


Financial Executives

Business Development, Commercialization & Sales Executives

Having successfully partnered with cStone & Associates on several executive searches, I have been pleased with the team's ability to listen to each respective search need and ask clarifying questions, so I know they understand the profile and deliver a qualified, diverse candidate group where I have been able to make a successful hire. Carrie and her team have earned my deepest respect and highest recommendation.

Shannon Kehle

Executive Vice President, Chief People Officer,
Realty Income

We Build Impactful Boards

Director Recruitment

Board Advisory

Board Effectiveness

Delivering Board Refreshment and Enhancing Board Competencies

Geopolitical events, economic uncertainties, advanced technologies, heightened risks, regulatory scrutiny, shareholder activism, demographic trends, corporate purpose, ESG and human capital are a few of the challenges that are amplifying the need for companies to refresh, enhance and modernize their boards with new skills, competencies, experience and attributes. We deliver future-ready board candidates who align with corporate strategy and the board culture while challenging assumptions to maximize performance.

Business Agility

Supply Chain

Risk Management



Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Data Analytics



Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)




Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Change Management

Workforce Transformation

Sales/Business Development/Commercialization


Our unprecedented Research & Discovery process enables refinement and alignment of requisite board skills and experience. In addition to experienced board members, we recruit subject matter experts, NextGen and diverse leaders who provide valued perspectives to enhance shareholder value.

Board Advisory

We are a trusted board room advisor delivering practical and impartial advice on all aspects of board performance and effectiveness. We engage strategically in our areas of expertise including board composition, benchmarking, director recruitment, pre IPO board development, director onboarding and assimilation, succession planning and director effectiveness.

Board Effectiveness

We work closely with our clients to improve board performance and effectiveness. Assessments are customized to client needs that may include: composition, culture, processes, director development, effectiveness, quality of debate and strategic input, relationship between the board and management, shareholder communication and accountability, and succession planning.

Huge thanks for your partnership!  You’ve played an imperative role in the evolution of our board by finding talented individuals who fit the skill set, experience and culture needs of our board.

Susan Morrison

Chief Administrative Officer, Tandem Diabetes

A Pioneer in the Recruitment of Diverse Candidates

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Recruitment of diverse candidates is not new to cStone & Associates. We have a strong track record of partnering with our clients to assist them in advancing their diversity, equity and inclusion goals. When it comes to sourcing candidates representing diverse identities and backgrounds, in addition to our extensive networks and stellar research team, we partner with diversity organizations around the globe.

cStone & Associates President, Carrie Stone, is a mentor, advisor and requested speaker for organizations seeking to advance diversity on boards.

Co-Founder, Women Corporate Directors (WCD,) San Diego

WCD is a trusted community of directors serving on more than 8,500 public and private boards around the world.

Advisor, Silicon Valley Executive Center, Black Corporate Board Readiness (BCBR)

The Black Corporate Board Readiness (BCBR) program accelerates diverse representation in corporate governance by accompanying highly experienced, qualified Black leaders through a structured executive education program.

Advisor/Mentor, Latino Corporate Director’s Association, Board Readiness Institute (BRI)

BRI is a comprehensive set of exclusive programs uniquely designed to prepare and position new and aspiring directors for boardroom success. There is no other programming of this scope focused on accelerating the development and placement of highly credentialed, Latinos who are aspiring, new and board-experienced directors from a variety of sectors and professions onto the highest levels of corporate governance.

I had the pleasure of working with Carrie as a candidate. She was an absolute pro — meticulous in detail, objective and transparent, and diligent on the process.  She helped me understand the process from start to finish and was valuable in coaching me along the way. Carrie took a lot of time upfront to get to know me as a professional and a person. She was extremely knowledgeable of the business, culture, and opportunities of her client. It is clear she does her homework on both sides of the search.  Her professionalism and experience would be a big asset for any high-stakes C-suite or board search.

Myoung Cha

Chief Product Officer, Verily

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