Delivering Leadership

Smarter Relationships, Better Results


Clients often find us through the trusted referral of an intermediary, interested third party or professional advisor. Board members, private equity firms, venture capitalists, hedge funds, lawyers, accountants, banks and consultants are encouraged to contact us if they have a client who could benefit from our exemplary services.

We also serve as strategic or operational advisors to boards of directors, private equity firms, hedge funds and venture capitalists to provide valuable and needed services including;

  • Pre Acquisition/investment Leadership Team Assessment
  • CEO Profiling, Recruiting and Onboarding
  • CEO and/or Founder Coaching and Mentoring
  • Senior Executive Team Profiling, Recruiting and Onboarding
  • Board of Directors - Gap Analysis, Recruitment
  • Crisis Management
  • Interim Executive Leadership
  • Team Building, Leadership Development

In particular, we understand the delicate challenges of professionalizing a management team, transitioning founders, building a culture of accountability and the "DNA" required of executives to be successful in PE or VC backed investments.